How can I play the movies?
Jan-13th, 2016 19:48


1. Click the Play button, wait a few seconds and the movie should start playing right in your browser.
2. To watch in Full Screen: click the bottom right arrow button on the Player. Press ESC to exit full screen mode.

- It is normal for the player to have a slight buffering delay when skipping forward in the timeline.

- If the playback is choppy or stops to buffer all the time, try the Flash Player or click the HD icon on the timeline of the player and choose 'SD' or click the SD link under the player.

- We allow streaming of HD quality versions of our movies, however if your Internet connection does not provide sufficient speed playback might be choppy. In this case please choose a lower quality version.

1. Note the desired quality. A higher quality results in higher file sizes which will take longer to download.
2. Right click on the selected quality's Download link and choose "Save Target (or Link) As"
3. Select a location where to save the movie on your hard drive.
4. Once fully downloaded, navigate to that location. Double click to play it and watch in full screen to fully enjoy it. :)

Downloading Recommendations:

- You may use a Download Manager to speed up downloads. SpeedBit DAP for Windows, SpeedDownload for Mac OS X.
- We recommend also the Video LAN (VLC) Player to watch the movies for both Windows and Mac members.